Coffee Shop Manager Job Description, Duties, Salary

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You want to learn coffee shop manager job description, right?

Good news, in this article we will explain everything. Also coffee shop manager’s salary ( for USA and UK ) and qualifications.

Let’s Begin.

Coffee Shop Manager Responsibilities

The manager has a lot of duties in the coffee shop. All of them very important for successfully running a coffee shop business.

#1. Employee Management

Staff management has always been difficult. And for coffee shop business, it’s more difficult. Let’s look what are the duties of a coffee shop manager for employee management.

  • Scheduling employee tasks
  • Hiring new employees
  • Firing
  • Training, orientating new and existing employee
  • Determination employee holidays.
  • Determination employee salary

#2. Menu Management

Well, menu management may vary depending on each business type. If you are a coffee shop manager which is independent you can change your coffee shop menu as well as you want. But if you are managing franchise (Starbucks, Nero etc.) you can’t change your coffee shop’s menu items. You know you have to use the same menu that is determined on your franchise company.

Responsibilities for menu management:

  • Tracking all menu item’s performance. Which one is popular in your local area which one is not.
  • Coffee shop managers should track trends menu items in the coffee industry. It’s important because customer expectation is always changing.


#3. Financial Management

Every business has to make money, right? To do this you should pay attention to financial management. If you can’t manage your financial situation, you will probably close your coffee store.

Coffee shop manager’s duties for financial management listed below.

  • Inventory management. In food&beverage inventory management is so important. You should track your inventory items carefully and ordinary.
  • Make a Financial Plan for the stores – weekly, monthly and yearly. If you don’t have a plan for your financial situation, you can’t be sure whether you reach your goal or not.
  • Profit & Loss statement

#4. Customer Relation Management (CRM)

This is really, really important. Believe me. If your customer is not happy, I’m sorry to tell you, but you can’t success in the coffee industry. Coffee shop business needs customers’ satisfaction. That’s because you should solve your customers’ problem. And make them happy.

There is a list to manage your customer relations

  • You should listen to your customers’ all complaints. Don’t ignore your customer complaints. Learn from them what they want and need. Solve their all problem.
  • Record your customer information and update it regularly.
  • Use customer loyalty techniques.
  • Make them feel special.
  • Reach them on every platform as possible.
  • Determinate your customer service standard and follow them.

#5. General Management

A Coffee shop manager also can manage, store marketing plan. Even if you are not an expert on that you should do this.

Coffee shop managers other responsibilities are:

  • Make sure shop’s cleaning.
  • Learning latest permits and licenses in the coffee industry.
  • Getting information about food and safety regulation.
  • Checking all equipment working right.


Coffee Shop Manager Salary

Coffee shop managers average salary is between $20,476 – $52,001.


Source Average Annual Salary
Payscale $20,476 – $40,636
Salaryexpert $52,001
Indeed $27,000


In UK (United Kingdom )

Source Average Annual Salary
Payscale £13,437 – £21,952
Salaryexpert $27,294.


Coffee Shop Manager Qualifications

  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to use MS office (Excel, Word etc.)
  • Ability use Coffee Shop Pos Software
  • Speaking the second language – especially for a touristic area-
  • Communication skills